Tour of

Welcome to the tour! This tour will orient you quickly to the website, so you can start printing or viewing free math worksheets as quickly as possible.

Desktop/Laptop Computer Tour

The Header

The header looks very much the same on every page of the website except there is a different title on each page. It includes:

Image of the website header

The quick navigation buttons

The quick navigation buttons are found on the topic pages, but they are not on the worksheet pages. Hovering your mouse over each one will reveal where each leads. Once you get to know the website better, you will find these are a convenient way to navigate the website. Image of the quick navigation buttons

Worksheet Links

You will find worksheet links on topic pages. They are various colors only for convenience and ease of use. Each sub-topic is numbered also for ease of use. Clicking or tapping on a worksheet link will open a worksheet page. If you've visited a worksheet before, you will probably see a check mark at the end of the worksheet link. Image of the sidebar on topic pages

iPhone Tour

Welcome to the iPhone tour! This tour will orient you quickly to using the website on your iPhone or other mobile device.

Step 1: Navigating from the Home Page

Every page includes some helpful navigation choices for getting around the Math-Drills website. Under the page title, you will find links to the home page, the topics list, the search page, our social page, and our feedback page. This is what they look like:

Under the header, we have included quick links, so you can get around the website quickly on a mobile phone or tablet. Here is a picture of the quick links:

For this tour, we chose the Multiplication Facts quick link which is the first multiplication sign (the second one is long multiplication).

Step 2: Navigating a Topic Page

Once you get to a topic page, you will see the same navigation features as on the home page. This makes it easier to get around and explore the website. To get to the topic page choices, you need to scroll down slightly.

Step 3: Choose a topic

You can either use the drop-down menu at this point or continue scrolling down to browse through all of the sub-topics and worksheet links. Tap on the drop-down menu to see the choices. For this tour, we chose the "Five Minute Frenzies."

Step 4: Choose a Worksheet

Tap on the name of the worksheet or one of the letters. The named worksheet will take you to the A version. For this tour, we tapped on the "One Chart Per Page (1 to 10)" D version.

Step 5: Download the PDF Worksheet

On mobile devices, the PDF files do not load automatically to save you some bandwidth. This gives you an opportunity to look at the preview first which you will see if you scroll down slightly. If you like what you see, you can either tap on the "PDF" button or the image and the PDF worksheet will download to your device.

Step 6: Printing the PDF

iPhones should open the PDF automatically in Safari. On other devices, such as Android devices, you may have to select the downloaded file and have the Adobe Reader app installed to see it. You can read more about printing from Android devices on our Google+ page. On iPhones, tap the share button and select print. You must have a printer set up to work with your iPhone before you can use the print button.