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Desktop/Laptop Computer Tour

Welcome to the tour! This tour will orient you quickly to the website, so you can start printing or viewing free math worksheets as quickly as possible.

Step 1: Navigating from the Home Page

Every page includes some helpful navigation choices for getting around the Math-Drills website. Under the page title, you will find links to the home page, the topics list (which is on the home page, the search page, our social page where you can subscribe to our email list or follow us on social media, and our feedback page. This is what they look like: Tour Image - Top Navigation Links

Under the header, we have included quick links, so you can get around the website quickly whether you are on a desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet. On desktop computers, hovering your mouse over each link will tell you where it leads. On mobile devices, you might have to explore a little. Here is a picture of the quick links: Tour Image - Quick Links

Every page (other than worksheet pages) also includes a sidebar with the same navigation as the quick links plus a few extras. For example, we might show you an important Google+ post there. The home page includes a full topics list to help you find more specific sub-topics. If you choose a sub-topic from this list, you can skip the next step. Tour Image Choose a Category or Topic

For this tour, we chose the "Decimals Worksheets" quick link.



Step 2: Navigating a Topic Page

If you select a sub-topic directly from the topics list on the home page, you can skip to the next step; otherwise, you should end up at the top of a topic page. Use the drop-down box to choose a sub-topic, or simply scroll down to browse through the page. Tour Image - Choose a sub-topic

For this tour, we chose the "Expanded Form" sub-topic.



Step 3: Choose a Worksheet

Click on the name of the worksheet on the left or one of the letters (different versions) on the right and a worksheet page will open. To open several worksheets at once, hold down the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard and click with your mouse. The worksheets will open in new browser tabs. Worksheets that you have previously viewed will have a light blue background. Hovering your mouse over worksheet links will change the colors of the worksheet link and the row in which it is found as shown in the picture. Tour Image - Choose a Worksheet

For this tour, we chose the "Expanded to Standard Form (3 digits before decimal; 2 after)" version E worksheet.



Step 4: Print or Save the Worksheet

When you arrive at the worksheet page, you will see an image preview of the worksheet and links to other versions of the same worksheet. If you simply want to save the PDF worksheet, you can right-click on the image or the PDF link and choose "Save link as" or "Save target as" depending on your browser. To print the worksheet, scroll down to the printable version or print the PDF that you saved. Continued after the image below ... Tour Image - The worksheet page

After scrolling down, you will see the printable version. If the worksheet is missing or there is no box where the worksheet should be, it is most likely that you are using a browser with a narrow screen width. We don't load the worksheet on narrow screens, so users on mobile devices don't unnecessarily use up their bandwidth. You can use the "Open/Download the PDF Worksheet" link to see it.

If you do see the printable version as in the image below, then you can normally right-click on the worksheet and choose the print option. In recent years, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari have all created built-in PDF viewers which work differently than the standard Adobe Reader plugin. We highly recommend using Adobe Reader exclusively and disabling the built-in readers until they improve support for all PDFs. Whichever PDF viewer you use, you should also see a menu with a print option. The image below shows you the menu that appears in Internet Explorer with the Adobe Reader plugin when you hover your mouse over the printable PDF version of the worksheet. Tour Image - The worksheet page printable version section



The image below shows the Chrome browser's built-in pdf menu. It appears at the bottom right of the worksheet window. Tour Image Print the worksheet with Chrome



The image below shows the Firefox browser's built-in pdf menu. It appears at the top of the worksheet window. In Firefox, you are not given a choice to print when you right-click. Firefox also seems to have some compatibility and quality issues with pdf files, so we recommend disabling the Firefox pdf reader and using the Adobe reader plug-in instead. Tour Image Print the worksheet with FF



Step 5: Other Tips

If you want to open multiple math worksheets from the same section, hold down the Ctrl key and click away. The worksheet pages will open in separate tabs.

You can increase the visibility of our fonts by holding down the Ctrl key and spinning your mouse wheel. This will zoom in and out of the page. Our pages are designed so you never have to scroll sideways; everything will just fit.

iPhone Tour

Accessing our math worksheets on an iPhone is very similar to accessing them with a desktop computer.

Step 1: Choose a Page

Tap on the drop down menu and scroll through the page options. Tap on the page you want. You can also browse all topics by tapping on Topics. Tour Image Choose a Page from the Drop-Down Menu Tour Image Choose a Page from the Drop-Down Menu



Step 2: Choose a topic

In the previous step, we chose the Subtraction page. On the subtraction page and most other pages, there will be a second drop-down menu to select a specific topic. Tour Image Choose a topic. Tour Image Choose a topic.



Step 3: Choose a Worksheet

Tap on the name of the worksheet on the left or one of the letters (different versions) on the right and a worksheet page will open. Tour Image Choose a worksheet.



Step 4: Open the Worksheet as a PDF

Scroll down to the image of the worksheet then tap on the image to open the pdf file. Tour Image Open the Worksheet pdf. Tour Image Open the Worksheet pdf.



Step 5: Print the PDF

Tap the share button and select print to print to a printer that you have connected to your iphone. Tour Image Print the pdf.



Our search tool allows you to search for math worksheets or pages on specific topics.

Step 1: Enter a Search Word or Phrase

Start by typing a search term into the search box then click on the Search button or press Enter on your keyboard. You can clear your search by clicking on the x. Tour Enter a Search Word or Phrase.



Step 2: Choose Web or Image Results

The web results are shown by default, but if you would rather search the image results, choose the Image tab under the search box. Tour Choose Web or Image Results.



Step 3: Choose a result or search again.

Choose a search result from the list, use the navigation numbers at the bottom of the results to see the next page of results, or start your search again by changing the search terms. Tour Choose Web or Image Results.