Easter Math Worksheets

Welcome to the Easter math worksheets page at Math-Drills.Com where eggs are a matter of three-dimensional geometry and chocolate bars are broken up and used for fractions! On this page, you will find Easter math worksheets on a variety of topics including addition, multiplication and statistics.

There is a selection of Easter math worksheets on this page at a variety of levels. These Easter math worksheets should keep your students' math skills sharp and ready for more difficult tasks to come. Try using the questions on these worksheets with manipulatives. Can your students represent and add the numbers on the "Easter Eggs in a Basket" worksheets using base ten blocks? Maybe your students can use estimation and mental math to answer the questions on another Easter worksheet.

Most Popular Easter Math Worksheets this Week

Easter Egg Ratios
Easter Egg Ratios (36 views this week)
Easter Math Cartesian Art Chick
Easter Math Cartesian Art Chick (32 views this week)
Easter Egg Picture Patterns with Shape and Size Attributes
Easter Egg Picture Patterns with Shape and Size Attributes (30 views this week)
Easter Multiplication Facts to 144
Easter Multiplication Facts to 144 (29 views this week)
Easter Egg Picture Patterns with Shape Attribute Only
Easter Egg Picture Patterns with Shape Attribute Only (29 views this week)

Easter Arithmetic

Easter arithmetic worksheets including adding, subtracting and multiplying worksheets with Easter themes.

Easter Eggs in a Basket

The Easter Eggs in a Basket worksheets have an additional challenge for students to identify sums greater than a certain amount. These are counted and "put into the basket."

Easter Icons

The Easter icon worksheets include a different Easter icon on each version (A-J) that is used as the scoring system. For example, one version includes daffodils, so students get a score, for example, of 24/25 daffodils.

Follow the Easter Bunny

This set of worksheets include a path on each page for students to follow as they complete the questions. The path is presumably the Easter bunny looking for its basket of eggs. Students get a score at the end. There are versions for all four operations and a few mixed versions at the end.

Easter Miscellaneous Arithmetic

This section contains a few older Easter math worksheets that might be useful to some students.

Other Easter Math Worksheets

Various Easter-themed math worksheets on a variety of math topics including mixed operations, ratios, statistics and patterning.

Easter Word Problems

Who enjoys a good math word problem? Surely the Easter bunny does! Hopefully your students will as well. The first worksheet includes 20 various topic math word problems suitable for a variety of levels. Teachers should, of course, select which problems would be suitable for their students rather than simply copying the entire set and plunking it down in front of them. For more brilliant students, however, plunk away. The second set of word problems are focused on multiplication and seem to be missing an answer key.

Easter Geometry Worksheets

This section includes decorated Easter graph paper for various math activities; a grid reference activity to help students practice or learn this important skill; and two Cartesian Art activities that are sure to challenge students. The first Cartesian art activity is all in the first quadrant, but the second one includes all four quadrants.

Easter counting worksheets

The Easter Bunny left all sorts of Easter eggs lying around in different arrangements. See if you can count each group.

Easter patterning worksheets

Math is all about seeing patterns. These worksheets should help your young students get their minds into recognizing patterns. For the versions with mixed attributes, have students try to focus on one attribute at a time. What is happening with the size at each step? What is happening with the rotation at each step? How does the egg change at each step? Once they answer these questions, they should be able to safely determine what comes next in the pattern.

Various Easter Math Worksheets

Ah, the last section on the page. What will you find? Maybe there is an Easter egg hiding here.