Easter Math Worksheets

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Easter Math Worksheets

Welcome to the Easter math worksheets page at Math-Drills.Com where eggs are a matter of three-dimensional geometry and chocolate bars are broken up and used for fractions! On this page, you will find Easter math worksheets on a variety of topics including addition, multiplication and statistics.

There is a selection of Easter math worksheets on this page at a variety of levels. These Easter math worksheets should keep your students' math skills sharp and ready for more difficult tasks to come. Try using the questions on these worksheets with manipulatives. Can your students represent and add the numbers on the "Easter Eggs in a Basket" worksheets using base ten blocks? Maybe your students can use estimation and mental math to answer the questions on another Easter worksheet.

Most Popular Easter Math Worksheets this Week

Easter Arithmetic

Easter arithmetic worksheets including adding, subtracting and multiplying worksheets with Easter themes.

The Easter Eggs in a Basket worksheets have an additional challenge for students to identify sums over a certain amount and to count them. The number of sums they count are the Easter eggs that go in the basket. The Easter icon addition worksheets include a different Easter icon on each version that is used as the scoring system. For example, one version includes daffodils, so students get a score something like 24/25 daffodils.

Easter addition

Easter subtraction

Easter multiplication

Easter division

Easter mixed operations

Other Easter Math Worksheets

Various Easter-themed math worksheets on a variety of math topics including mixed operations, ratios, statistics and patterning.

Easter Geometry Worksheets

Other Easter Math Worksheets

Easter counting worksheets

The Easter Bunny left all sorts of Easter eggs laying around in different arrangements. See if you can count each group.

Easter patterning worksheets