Math Flash Cards Update

Math Flash Cards High Score Table Colors

A few changes were made to the Math Flash Cards recently which included fixing the print option and tweaking the scoring. After a student completes a set of 10, 25, 50 or 100 questions, they are given the option to print their results including showing them which questions they got correct and incorrect. A few … continue reading

Halloween 2020 Math Worksheets

Ghostly Figures Missing Digits All Operations Mixed (Easier Version) (E)

Halloween 2020 could be one of the strangest ever, but don’t let that stop you from getting into the “spirit” of things. The collection of Halloween math worksheets has once again grown to accommodate even more students and skill levels. This year, I’ve added a number of Missing Digits math worksheets with a ghostly figure … continue reading

Single-Digit Addition Update

100 Single-Digit Addition Questions with Some Regrouping (W)

The “100 Single-Digit Addition Questions with Some Regrouping” worksheet has long held the #1 most popular spot on the Math-Drills website; however, it had a few minor issues that have been rectified with a recent update. The issues related to the available versions, the instructions, the name and date fields and the repetition of questions; … continue reading

Subtracting on a Grid

Grid Subtraction Example Questions

Although you can always use graph/grid paper to help students line up the numbers in arithmetic, it is sometimes nice to have a ready-made solution that only requires hitting the print button. Previously, I included grid support for addition, multiplication and division, but I somehow missed subtraction, and thankfully a Math-Drills visitor asked for it the other … continue reading

Follow the Arrows


This year has seen a lot of arrows added to store floors and other locations. This gave me the idea to add a worksheet that involved following arrows in some way, so I developed a fairly simple one on the place value worksheets page for building a number and including the thousands separators. There are only two … continue reading

Expanded Form Worksheets Expansion


I noticed recently that the expanded form math worksheets needed an update to properly recognize the different ways expanded form is written at different levels of study. This meant quite an expansion of the number of worksheets for expanded form, but the selection should now better address the diverse needs across the K-8 spectrum. Expanded form with … continue reading

Autumn Math Worksheets

Fall Cartesian Art Part

Autumn arrives this week in the Holarctic realm (Northern areas) and in a never-ending quest to add new and better math worksheets, I’ve added some new fall-themed math worksheets to the website. The first new worksheet pictured is actually a Cartesian art project for students. It comes in two versions: a one-quadrant and a four-quadrant. … continue reading

Triangular Prisms Surface Area and Volume

Volume and Surface Area of Triangular Prisms

The surface area and volume of triangular prisms worksheets were replaced and a color version was added for those using the worksheets onscreen or with a color printer. The old version of this worksheet is still available if you search the website, but the link on the measurement page was removed. The old version had some … continue reading

Summer Missing Digits Math Worksheets

Summer Missing Digits

The hot summer sun has melted digits off of some Math-Drills worksheets. Can your students/children help? Just added to the website, the Summer Missing Digits math worksheets are available for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, mixed addition/subtraction, mixed multiplication/division and all operations mixed. For each operation, there is an easier and a more difficult option. Pictured here is an … continue reading

Percentage Increase/Decrease Worksheets

Percentage Increase/Decrease Sample Questions

The percentage increase/decrease math worksheets were recently updated and improved. The questions involve determining the amount of change between two numbers. Students are given the original amount and a new amount and they need to figure out by how much the amount has increased or decreased. The old versions had a few confusing aspects to … continue reading