Triangular Prisms Surface Area and Volume

Volume and Surface Area of Triangular Prisms

The surface area and volume of triangular prisms worksheets were replaced and a color version was added for those using the worksheets onscreen or with a color printer. The old version of this worksheet is still available if you search the website, but the link on the measurement page was removed. The old version had some … continue reading

Summer Missing Digits Math Worksheets

Summer Missing Digits

The hot summer sun has melted digits off of some Math-Drills worksheets. Can your students/children help? Just added to the website, the Summer Missing Digits math worksheets are available for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, mixed addition/subtraction, mixed multiplication/division and all operations mixed. For each operation, there is an easier and a more difficult option. Pictured here is an … continue reading

Percentage Increase/Decrease Worksheets

Percentage Increase/Decrease Sample Questions

The percentage increase/decrease math worksheets were recently updated and improved. The questions involve determining the amount of change between two numbers. Students are given the original amount and a new amount and they need to figure out by how much the amount has increased or decreased. The old versions had a few confusing aspects to … continue reading

Next Dollar Up Strategy

Next Dollar Up Strategy Example Questions

The next dollar up strategy involves students determining how many dollars they will need to pay for something. This strategy is often used with students who struggle with numbers and money concepts, but it is also a good introduction to making change. Previously, there were U.S. versions of these worksheets, but someone pointed out that one of the dollar … continue reading

Identifying Place and Determining Value Worksheets

Identify Place Value Sample Questions

Having a good understanding of place and place value in numbers allows students to complete more complex math skills that rely on place value such as sorting and ordering numbers, addition and subtraction, and multiplication and division. Two types of Place Value Math Worksheets were recently updated: Identifying place only and Determining place and digit values. The … continue reading

Non-Numerical Spinners

Spinner with animals and letters

Non-numerical spinners were requested by a Math-Drills visitor. Versions with letters, animal pictures and colors were created as well as several with combinations of these elements. Each spinner has a number of basic questions and the A and B versions of each set have a couple of extra questions that are a bit more challenging. … continue reading

Simplifying Fractions Worksheets

Simplify Fractions

Several simplifying fractions worksheets were re-worked to include name and date fields and some helper text on the answer key. Each worksheet also includes one sample answer on the question page. Simplying fractions is a useful skill for students to learn as it makes working with fractions that much easier. There are two versions (easier … continue reading

Reading and Sketching Time on Analog Clocks

Four Clocks

All of the reading and sketching time on analog clocks math worksheets were recently updated with several improvements: the clock design was updated to make it easier to line up the hands with the tick marks; name and date fields were added; the clocks are now color-coded; the 24-hour clocks now include 00 rather than … continue reading

Determining Information from Linear Equation Graphs

Info from graphs

Determining the Equation, Y-Intercept, X-Intercept and Slope from a Linear Equation GraphGiven just a linear equation, it is sometimes difficult to visualize exactly what the intercepts and slope are and how they all fit together into an equation. To help students with this, Math-Drills has a section devoted to visually determining the slopes and intercepts … continue reading