Fraction Circles and Strips Updated

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I recently noticed that the fraction circles and fraction strips on the website showed some inconsistencies and needed improvement. If you aren’t familiar with these manipulatives, they are generally used for learning about fractions and often for comparing fractions. With some creativity, they can be used for a wide variety of activities, some of which … continue reading

New Easter Math Worksheets 2022

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There are a few new math worksheets for Easter 2022 on Math-Drills. Following the popularity of the secret message and missing digits worksheets from previous holidays, these have now been added for Easter! The Easter page also has Cartesian art, an Easter egg map activity, arithmetic worksheets that follow the Easter Bunny’s path, word problems, and counting and patterning … continue reading

Saint Patrick’s Day 2022

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Math-Drills includes an entire page devoted to Saint Patrick’s Day math worksheets including patterning, comparing, counting, geometry, word problems and arithmetic. Two new additions to the page this year are described below. Secret Saint Patrick’s Day Messages Secret message worksheets are classic worksheets that I remember when I was a child many many (well, okay … continue reading

99, 100 and 120 Charts Updated

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Recently, all of the 99, 100 and 120 charts on the Number Sense Worksheets page were updated. These types of charts are used for many purposes, but are often used for learning numbers and counting. After reading some compelling arguments about bottom-up counting charts, I made sure that each of the 99, 100 and 120 charts also had … continue reading

Cupid in Ancient Rome

Map of Roman Empire 117 CE

Cupid, that Ancient Roman love God is now the subject of a Valentine’s Day math activity that involves a map, a distance chart, and some open-ended questions. If it sounds familiar, you have probably encountered Santa’s Route which is an activity that has been on the website for years, but got an overhaul for this past Christmas. … continue reading

Scrooge’s Missing Digits and Cartesian Art

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First of all, Happy December and a Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it. Thank you for subscribing to this email newsletter which gives me a chance to highlight new and interesting things on I seem to have missed updating you about the Thanksgiving Cartesian Art worksheets, but it is worth a mention as … continue reading

Happy Halloween 2021!

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It is already October and our scary math worksheets are already “flying off the shelves.” Here are a few highlights: Counting Halloween Objects in Various Arrangements: These worksheets were updated recently to a newer design and made fillable and savable, so they can be done online, but they are still very printable. There are versions for … continue reading

Fillable Math Worksheets Update

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Over the past month, I’ve added quite a few fillable and savable math worksheets to the website and taken the opportunity to improve some of the worksheets along the way. There were a few bumps that required going back to the drawing board, but I am quite satisfied with the results, and I hope you … continue reading

Fillable Math Worksheets

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Recently, I’ve been exploring the idea of creating “fillable” PDF math worksheets to assist those who are teaching online or simply want to save on paper and toner/ink. In this context, fillable means a math worksheet that can be filled out on one’s computer with the fillable boxes already built-in. Picture this: You send a … continue reading