Identifying Place and Determining Value Worksheets

Having a good understanding of place and place value in numbers allows students to complete more complex math skills that rely on place value such as sorting and ordering numbers, addition and subtraction, and multiplication and division. Two types of Place Value Math Worksheets were recently updated: Identifying place only and Determining place and digit values. The … continue reading

Place Value Charts and Hundredth and Thousandths Grids

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The place value charts on the website were recently improved to be more useful and attractive. The work space on each chart is now more conducive to inputting numbers and completing work on the page. Each period (set of three numbers) is a different color and is surrounded by a thicker border. If the place value … continue reading

Non-Numerical Spinners

Spinner with animals and letters

Non-numerical spinners were requested by a Math-Drills visitor. Versions with letters, animal pictures and colors were created as well as several with combinations of these elements. Each spinner has a number of basic questions and the A and B versions of each set have a couple of extra questions that are a bit more challenging. … continue reading

Simplifying Fractions Worksheets

Simplify Fractions

Several simplifying fractions worksheets were re-worked to include name and date fields and some helper text on the answer key. Each worksheet also includes one sample answer on the question page. Simplying fractions is a useful skill for students to learn as it makes working with fractions that much easier. There are two versions (easier … continue reading

Reading and Sketching Time on Analog Clocks

Four Clocks

All of the reading and sketching time on analog clocks math worksheets were recently updated with several improvements: the clock design was updated to make it easier to line up the hands with the tick marks; name and date fields were added; the clocks are now color-coded; the 24-hour clocks now include 00 rather than … continue reading

Determining Information from Linear Equation Graphs

Info from graphs

Determining the Equation, Y-Intercept, X-Intercept and Slope from a Linear Equation GraphGiven just a linear equation, it is sometimes difficult to visualize exactly what the intercepts and slope are and how they all fit together into an equation. To help students with this, Math-Drills has a section devoted to visually determining the slopes and intercepts … continue reading

Online Learning with Math-Drills Worksheets and PDFill

Many teachers are currently trying to provide lessons and materials to their students remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has shut many schools around the world. There are two problems with Math-Drills math worksheets that must be overcome: Math-Drills worksheets include answer keys and teachers only want to give students question sheets. Students without … continue reading

Easter Math Word Problems

Photo by Debby Hudson

Today, I uploaded 20 new Easter math word problems. These should keep your children/students busy for a little while and might inspire them into doing some Easter baking, organizing an Easter egg hunt for their siblings, decorating eggs or crafting some Easter decorations. The problems were not written for any specific grade level and most are … continue reading

Yes, You Can Use Math-Drills Math Worksheets

Generous Terms of Use On occasion, educators ask me whether they can use Math-Drills worksheets for certain projects such as published booklets, online learning, etc. The short answer is, YES, as long as (i) you are using them to help students (ages 0 to 150) learn and (2) you aren’t making money off of the worksheets directly. … continue reading