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Next Dollar Up Strategy

The next dollar up strategy involves students determining how many dollars they will need to pay for something. This strategy is often used with students who struggle with numbers and money concepts, but it is also a good introduction to making change. Previously, there were U.S. versions of these worksheets, but someone pointed out that one of the dollar bills was labeled as $0, so I revised the worksheets and included versions for Canada, Australia and the U.K. as well. Of course, the U.K. versions are called the next pound up strategy.

For each country specific version, there are two options: amounts to $5 and amounts to $10. At the top of the page, $1 bills or coins are pictured to help students that need visual cues to help them work through it. Underneath the $1 bills/coins are 20 questions with varying amounts, and the answers include all of the possible dollar amounts evenly. For example, on the amounts to $10 version, there are two questions that result in the next dollar up amount of $1, two questions that result in $2, two questions that result in $3 and so on.

The next dollar up strategy worksheets can be found on the money worksheets page and can be found in the rounding money sections.

Next Dollar Up Strategy Example Questions