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Summer Missing Digits Math Worksheets

The hot summer sun has melted digits off of some Math-Drills worksheets. Can your students/children help?

Just added to the website, the Summer Missing Digits math worksheets are available for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, mixed addition/subtraction, mixed multiplication/division and all operations mixed. For each operation, there is an easier and a more difficult option.

Pictured here is an example of questions from the easier all operations worksheet.

Missing digits can be challenging to some students and sometimes require creative strategies. For some students, using a guess-and-check strategy might work while others will use clues to help them along. For example, in a two-digit multiplication question, if the answer has a 3 in the ones place and there is a 7 and a missing digit in the ones place of the two factors, the missing digit must be a 9 since the only single number multiplied by 7 that results in a 3 in the ones place is 9. Sometimes it will be necessary to work backwards, sometimes forward, and knowing the connection between multiplication and division and between addition and subtraction can help a lot.

Summer Learning Loss

Summer learning loss or the summer slide refers to the loss of academic skills and knowledge over the protracted summer break. Students who practice skills and seek out knowledge over breaks can slow or eliminate the loss and some can even make gains. With the ongoing pandemic, many students have been out of school for much longer than usual, so it is even more important this year to make sure our students/children are given opportunities to keep up their skills. The Math-Drills website includes over 57 thousand worksheets, so there is certain to be something for everyone. Try some of these categories also on the Seasonal Math Worksheet page:

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