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Generous Terms of Use

On occasion, educators ask me whether they can use Math-Drills worksheets for certain projects such as published booklets, online learning, etc. The short answer is, YES, as long as (i) you are using them to help students (ages 0 to 150) learn and (2) you aren’t making money off of the worksheets directly. Those are the core principles. It doesn’t matter if you are a public, private, primary, secondary, middle, alternate or home school. With so many students at home due to the global pandemic, I want to assure you that using Math-Drills math worksheets is allowed.

Following is some additional information that might point you in the right direction.

Print as many as you like. There is no limit. Print away! Or save paper and display it on a screen.

Developing online learning material? Sometimes you need to put a PDF file on your own system. Do it! Download it from Math-Drills and add it to your download section or whever you need it. It is preferable to link to a worksheet page on the website, but I know this is not an option for some.

Don’t like a question? Sure you can edit it. Even if you don’t have the tools, the free Adobe Acrobat Reader lets you use the camera tool (Edit –> Take a Snapshot) and paste it into any other document (Word, image, Spreadsheet, etc.). This way, you can take questions from multiple worksheets and make your own.

Wish the answer key wasn’t there? Use the free PDFill PDF Tools(see below) to Split the question page from the answer page.

Making a booklet from a variety of worksheets and sources? Use PDFill to Merge PDF Files.

Since it started, has provided free math worksheets that are freely available without registration. The website makes money off of advertising that I’ve always tried to make as tolerable as possible. This has always been the case and I haven’t changed the rules because of the pandemic.

What can you do to help? Share the website or a worksheet with others; post it on social media. Always retain the attribution to Math-Drills on the worksheet. Allow ads in your Ad-Blocker (there aren’t many and they aren’t going to pop-up).

PDFill PDF Tools: This is the best tool I’ve ever found for manipulating PDF files. You can get it at their website:
There is a professional version with a limited time trial that also lets you edit PDF files, but for most people, the FREE Basic version will suffice and includes all the tools you need to merge, split, reorder, rotate, etc. documents.

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