Place Value Worksheets

Welcome to the Place Value worksheets page at! This page includes Place value worksheets for whole numbers and decimals including place value charts. Students who have a good understanding of place value will certainly excel at math. They will be better at estimating, calculating, and conceptualizing and may go on to great mathematical success in school and beyond.

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Place Value Charts

Place value charts for students who need a little help understanding place value.

Place value charts

Place value charts can be used to learn about place value. They might also be useful in correcting student thinking when they don't quite get the place holder concept (e.g. writing 132 as 100302 or 1004 as 14). Place value charts can also be used for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. For example, to add two numbers, write each addend in its own row then add starting with the lowest place, regroup and keep moving to the left until the third row shows the sum. Each place value chart includes multiple lines for this purpose. Division on a place value chart parallels the long division algorithm, so it might be a good place to go if students are struggling with long division. There are plenty of place value charts in this section with different ranges both for whole and decimal numbers.

Euro Format Place value charts

The main difference in the decimal place value charts in this section is that a comma is used as a decimal. Many countries outside of North America use this number format, so these are available for international visitors.

Place Value Worksheets

Starting at the very beginning, students learn the names of numbers and probably how to count. They may start encountering individual numbers in writing, and learn how to identify them. Then things start getting complicated! Two- and three-digit numbers start to enter their lives and they must learn how to name those, and that is when a good knowledge of place comes in handy. In order to say the number 793, for example, children must know that the 7 is in the hundreds place, the 9 is in the tens place and the 3 is in the ones place to be able to say, "Seven hundred ninety-three."

Place Value Worksheets

The determining place value and digit value worksheets are listed first in this section as they are the ones that are used most frequently. Students are asked to identify both the place value and the value of an underlined digit. For example if the 4 in 45,678 was underlined, the place value is 10,000 and the value of the digit is 40,000. If students need a little more instruction to help them learn place value, the identifying place only worksheets might help. In those, students only have to determine which place is underlined. For example, if the 5 was underlined in 45,678, they would say the thousands place is underlined. There is also a worksheet for re-writing numbers with thousands separators in this section.

SI Format Place Value Worksheets

Similar to the last section, but the numbers in this section are formatted with thin spaces for thousands separators as you might find in Canada or other English countries that have adopted the Metric (or S.I.) system. The final worksheet has students re-write numbers with spaces as thousands separators.

Place Value Worksheets (Euro Number Format Versions)

The worksheets in this section are similar to the previous two sections, but use a point-comma format for numbers where the point is used as a thousands separator and a comma is used as a decimal.

Decimal Place Value Worksheets

Decimal Place Value Worksheets

So, you've learned all the places before the decimal, how about the ones after the decimal? These worksheets might help. Unlike the numbers before the decimal, the ones after aren't usually in groups of three, so it is necessary to count very carefully and remember that the first place after the decimal is tenths. If you have trouble, try using a place value chart. As an added bonus, students can also practice their whole number place values as every question asks for both a whole number place value and a decimal place value.

SI Format Decimal Place Value Worksheets

Very much the same as the previous section, but a thin space for a thousands separator is used. The lesser numbers are excluded from this section as there is no thousands separator involved, so the worksheets in the previous section can be used.

Euro Format Place Value Worksheets

The Euro format uses a comma for a decimal and periods for thousands separators.

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