Seasonal Math Worksheets

Welcome to the seasonal math worksheets page at where you will find Math worksheets for spring, summer, winter, fall and minor holidays throughout the year. For your convenience, the menu above also includes links to our major holiday pages (they are the ones with pictures in the menu).

Most Popular Seasonal Math Worksheets this Week

Football World Cup Cartesian Art Player Kicking the Ball
Football World Cup Cartesian Art Player Kicking the Ball (53 views this week)
President's Day Mixed Operations
President's Day Mixed Operations (50 views this week)
Summer Missing Digits Addition (Easier Version)
Summer Missing Digits Addition (Easier Version) (48 views this week)
Summer Missing Digits All Operations Mixed (Easier Version)
Summer Missing Digits All Operations Mixed (Easier Version) (24 views this week)
Canada Day Picture Patterns with Shape, Size and Rotation Attributes
Canada Day Picture Patterns with Shape, Size and Rotation Attributes (23 views this week)

Seasonal Math Worksheets

Winter Math Worksheets

A favorite season for some, winter brings thoughts of snow, icicles and cold. Warm up with some winter math!

At the risk of many broken pencil leads, might we suggest an enhancement to the following worksheets. Player one places their pencil tip on any unused snowball and their finger on the eraser end. With gentle pressure and aiming the pencil lead at the correct target (using mental math), the pencil should slide out and make a mark generally in a straight direction. If they miss the target (too short, overshoot, miss), then player two gets a go. They can start their pencil at the end of any previous mark that hasn't made it to a target yet or on an unused snowball. Any player who hits a target may take an extra turn. Continue alternating play until all of the targets are hit. The player with the most targets hit wins.

Summer Math Worksheets

Summer is a time for enjoying the warm weather and relaxing. It is also a time for "summer learning loss" which refers to the loss of academic skills and knowledge due to the protracted break. Protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen and protect yourself from the "summer slide" by practising your math skills over the break.

Autumn Math Worksheets

Autumn is a favorite season for some because of the cooler weather, fall colors and a return to routine. For many, it is also a time for learning new things. This section includes a number of autumn-themed math worksheets that can be used with fall themes or any time just because they are so beautiful.

National and Regional Holiday Math Worksheets

President's Day math worksheets (Third Monday in February | U.S.A.)

Happy President's Day to our friends in the United States. Perhaps you will be inspired to do even better with Abe and George looking over your shoulder.

April Fool's Day math worksheets (April 1 in many countries)

A teacher's worst nightmare! Someone has removed the answers from the answer key! Hopefully, some bright students will be able to help fix them.

Flag Day math worksheets (June 14 | U.S.A.)

Celebrate the flag of the United States with a math activity.

Father's Day math worksheets

Nothing like a good old competition with dad to keep your (and his) basic math knowledge sharp. Add an extra layer of challenge to this math activity by also timing each other. Can you beat the old man? Or does he still have sharper wits than you? Find out by challenging him to a little competition. We've made versions for both sons and daughters. Good luck! May the best math genius win!

Canada Day math worksheets (July 1)

These Canada Day math worksheets help to celebrate one of the largest and youngest countries in the World. Canada Day is a great day to relax, enjoy the beach (you can't do that for too many months in Canada), and spend the day with family and friends. Topping the day off with fireworks and mosquito swatting is just part of the charm.

2017 marked Canada's 150th birthday. We were inspired to create these word problems based on the number 150. This worksheet is slightly different from our usual layout as it includes 4 pages of questions followed by 4 pages of answers.

Independence Day picture patterns (July 4)

Get out your barbeques, fireworks and swim suits! It is Independence Day in the U.S.A. Here are a few themed math worksheets to help you get in the spirit of things and to help you practice your math.

Nunavut Day math worksheets (July 9)

Celebrate the territory of Nunavut with these special math worksheets. Nunavut was officially recognized as a distinct territory on July 9, 1993 with the Nunavut Act. Nunavut became a separate territory in 1999.

Veterans and Remembrance Day math worksheets (November 11 | U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, New Zealand, et. al.)

Veterans/Remembrance Day is a memorial day to remember and honour those who fought and those who died in war serving their country. It was originally established after World War I and is recognized every year on November 11. The Cartesian Art Poppy below is an activity students can make using their knowledge of coordinate points and plots. Additionally, students can colour the poppy and use it for other purposes other than math (e.g. a memorial display).

Sporting Events Math Worksheets

Soccer math worksheets

The World Cup occurs every four years, but soccer/football is played every day. The worksheets below might help you with a World Cup math unit or simply help students get into the spirit of the game. There are a variety of mathematics topics covered on these worksheets including word problems, addition, statistics, and geometry. There should be something to appeal to any soccer/football fan.