Online Sudoku Game

Welcome to the online Sudoku game hosted by Sudoku can be a relaxing and entertaining game that challenges and strengthens your spatial sense, logical reasoning and problem solving skills. We hope you enjoy this version.

Rules of Sudoku

Your goal is to fill in the grid with numbers between 1 and 9, abiding by the following rules:

- You can't have the same number repeated more than once in the same column or row.

- You can't have the same number repeated more than once in the same 9 by 9 box.

You win the game when the grid is complete, which means that each box, row and column has to contain all numbers between 1 and 9.

How to play the game:

Optionally turn off the sound by clicking/tapping on the speaker icon then hit "Play".

Select a level: beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Once the game loads start playing. If you don't want the stress of a timer, choose the gear icon then, "Play without time".

There are other useful options available by clicking/tapping on the gear icon.

To input numbers on the puzzle, first select the square in which you would like to put the number then choose the number button from below the puzzle that you would like to input. You can also type the number on your keyboard if you are using a desktop or laptop. You can delete a number that you added by using the x button. You cannot delete numbers that were automatically added.

The button with the dot allows you to input "notes". For example, if you are working out what number goes in a square and you've narrowed it down to a 5 or a 3, you can add a note size 5 and 3 and come back to that square later. Click on the dot button and it will change to a 9 dot button. This means you are in note mode. Type a number or select a number button to add a note. Continue to add all the numbers that you want to add as notes. When you are done adding notes, click/tap on the 9 dot button and it will become a one dot button again allowing you to enter solution numbers into the puzzle.

The final button allows you to input the same number multiple times and can be used in conjunction with the notes button to add the same note size number into multiple squares. When the button is active, choose which number to use or type it then click/tap on all the squares in the puzzle to which you would like to add that number.

Additional help is available by choosing the ? button.