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We changed the terms of use most recently on September 15, 2017.

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Commercial Use no longer requires a commercial use license; however, we do request that you link to us from your website.

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This section refers to commercial or for-profit publications. requires a licensing fee of $0.10 per worksheet per print (or download in the case of electronic material) from:

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Rebranding Math-Drills Math Worksheets math worksheets may be rebranded with permission and for a fee of $25 per worksheet set where a set includes up to 10 versions of the same worksheet (e.g. versions A to J of a worksheet).

This fee allows unlimited copies/uses by the licensee and the right to remove the branding and replace it with their own. This includes the pdf metadata and any content on the page. This fee does not include redistribution rights where the worksheets are made available or sold to another organization. Not all math worksheets are available for rebranding. For example, worksheets that contain images for which we had to seek permission to use.

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