Terms of Use

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We changed the terms of use most recently on September 15, 2017.

All material on is original work that is copyright and subject to our terms of use.

Free Use math worksheets may be used free-of-charge:

  • in all private and public schools;
  • in all home schools;
  • in all education centers, tutoring centers, learning centers and similar venues;
  • by all private and volunteer tutors;
  • in all situations where an individual uses the material for himself or herself or a parent or guardian uses the material for their child(ren);
  • in publications that are provided at cost or for free even if the collection is comprised solely of math worksheets (please see commercial use and rebranding sections further down the page);
  • in research studies conducted by students or staff of accredited universities, colleges or other institutions.

If you would like to support the work of Math-Drills through an optional payment, please choose a support level below.

Please choose an amount:

Commercial Use no longer requires a commercial use license; however, we do request that you link to us from your website.

Use in Publications

This section refers to commercial or for-profit publications. requires a licensing fee of $0.10 per worksheet per print (or download in the case of electronic material) from:

  • anyone who uses material in a printed publication (e.g. 100 books printed with 5 Math-Drills worksheets in each one: 100 x 5 x $0.10 = $50);
  • anyone who uses material in an electronic publication (e.g. collection downloaded 200 times x $0.10 = $20).

Please choose a number of prints closest to the number that you intend to publish. A minimum payment of $10.00 is required. For quantities greater than 5000, please contact us or make multiple payments.

Choose the closest amount.

Rebranding Math-Drills Math Worksheets math worksheets may be rebranded with permission and for a fee of $25 per worksheet set where a set includes up to 10 versions of the same worksheet (e.g. versions A to J of a worksheet).

This fee allows unlimited copies/uses by the licensee and the right to remove the branding and replace it with their own. This includes the pdf metadata and any content on the page. This fee does not include redistribution rights where the worksheets are made available or sold to another organization. Not all math worksheets are available for rebranding. For example, worksheets that contain images for which we had to seek permission to use.

Other Terms math worksheets:

  • may not be sold directly;
  • may not be uploaded and made available on other websites unless they are part of a collection for which licensing fees have been or will be paid;
  • must not be attributed to someone else by, for example, replacing the branding message from the bottom of a math worksheet, unless a licensing fee has been paid;
  • may be modified to include additional content such as name and date fields or additional notes, however, the attribution must be retained;
  • should be re-used, re-purposed or recycled.