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Welcome to the tour! This tour will orient you quickly to the website, so you can start printing or viewing math worksheets as quickly as possible.

The Header

The header looks very much the same on every topic page.

Image of the website header

  1. Navigation buttons: Home, Topics (full list), Share (to social media), Subscribe (to our newsletter), Up Arrow (top of page) and Down Arrow (bottom of page)
  2. Search bar
  3. Math-Drills logo and a link to the home page
  4. Click on topics to see a list of all pages at Share the page on Pinterest or Twitter with the other buttons.

Topic Page Menus

Many topic pages will have an additional menu that shows the categories or sub-topics on the page. Use this menu to get to a specific category quickly or scroll down to browse through the entire page.

Category menu on topic pages

Worksheet Links

Worksheet links are found on topic pages and come in various colors and are numbered for convenience and ease of use. Clicking or tapping on a worksheet link will open a worksheet page. If you've visited a worksheet before the link will have a gray background.

Worksheet links on topic pages

Worksheet Pages

Worksheet pages look similar to topic pages but they do not include the quick navigation menu. A worksheet page includes a printable view of the worksheet near the top of the page and a preview image further down the page. In order to print from a browser, it is necessary to have a PDF reader installed. Most modern browsers include a built-in PDF reader: Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or Safari on a Mac. Edge makes it difficult to print PDF files and Internet Explorer requires a plug in like Adobe Reader.

Worksheet page

  1. The printable view will vary depending on the browser you use. The image above shows the view from Firefox 47.0.
  2. If there are additional versions of a worksheet, they will show up in this area. There is also a link back to the topic page.
  3. The preview image.

Navigating Math-Drills with Phones and Tablets

Navigating Math-Drills from a phone or tablet is very much the same as navigating from a desktop computer except the elements will rearrange themselves to fit on your screen.

The one notable exception is that PDF files are not viewed in mobile browsers. Instead, it is necessary to download and open a PDF worksheet first. How to save and print PDF worksheets from a tablet or phone depends on the operating system, browser and PDF reader used.

Worksheet page mobile view