Unit Converter
Convert a Wide Variety of Math Units

Welcome to the unit converter at Math-Drills.com. With this unit converter, you can convert between a wide variety of measurement units including mass, length, volume, temperature, time and many more. To begin, select a category. Next, select the first and second units you would like to convert. Last, enter an amount for either the first unit or the second unit.

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Period/Comma (Euro)
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*You may not see as many decimal places as you select on the slider depending on the conversion factor. Trailing zeros are also removed.

How to use the Unit Converter

Begin by selecting a "Category". Next, select the units you would like to convert. Finally, enter a value in either box and the other box will show the converted value. Optionally, you can change the number format and the number of decimal places.

For example, to convert 75 mph to kph:

  1. Select "Velocity & Speed" from the "Select a Category" menu.
  2. Select "Mile (US)/hour (mph)" as the first unit.
  3. Select "Kilometer/hour (kph)" as the second unit.
  4. Type 75 into the mph input box.

You should get something approximately equal to 120.7089 kph in the second input box beside kph depending on the number of decimal places you select. Note that the factor for this conversion only includes four decimal places, so setting the decimal places slider to anything greater will have no effect.