Unit Converter

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Welcome to the unit converter at Math-Drills.com. With this unit converter, you can convert between a wide variety of measurement units including mass, length, volume, temperature, time and many more.

The Unit Converter




How to use the Unit Converter

Note: To convert acceleration units, first select a different property, then re-select acceleration to populate A and B.

You should see three drop down menus:

  1. a menu labeled "Property",
  2. one labeled "A", and
  3. another labeled "B".

First, select the property/category you would like to use by clicking on the drop down menu. When you select a property, the options in the "A" and "B" menus are automatically updated to the supported units of the selected property. Select the two units you would like to convert in A and B. Enter a value in one of the boxes and click the "Convert to" button beside the value you entered. The converted value should appear in the other box.

Say you want to convert 75 mph (the most common US highway speed limit) to kph:

  1. Select 'Velocity & Speed' from the "Property" menu: Both "A" and "B" menus default to 'Meter/Second (m/sec)'.
  2. Select 'Mile (US)/hour (mph)' in menu "A" (you could use B, it doesn't really matter).
  3. Select 'Kilometer/hour (kph)' in menu "B".
  4. Type '75' (no quotes) in the input box next to menu "A".
  5. Hit the button 'Convert to B' which is next to the box you entered '75' in.

You should get something approximately equal to 120.709 kph (depending on the accuracy of the machine you are using).

JS Unit Converter script and some of the instructions above written by Costas Malamas.