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Determining Information from Linear Equation Graphs

Determining the Equation, Y-Intercept, X-Intercept and Slope from a Linear Equation GraphGiven just a linear equation, it is sometimes difficult to visualize exactly what the intercepts and slope are and how they all fit together into an equation. To help students with this, Math-Drills has a section devoted to visually determining the slopes and intercepts and using them to determine the equations of lines. The skills are broken up into determining:

  • the slope;
  • the x-intercept;
  • the y-intercept;
  • various combinations of the above; and
  • the equation, of course.

These versions replace the old ones that may not have had the easiest graphs to work with. Each worksheet includes exactly two negative slopes and two positive slopes, so there will always be a variety.

There is also one worksheet for students to graph a linear equation based on their knowledge of how to read a linear equation in slope-intercept form.

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